• Puzzle Piece Necklace

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    These puzzle piece necklace are perfect for friends, sisters, couples, Mother and Daughter, autism awareness, and many other combos! 

    The special thing about the puzzle piece charms is they actually fit together like a puzzle! Literally for your missing piece! ❤️ 

    Height: 25mm (1") Width: 16.20mm (.64") - The one pictured with an "M"
    Height: 19mm (.75") Width: 20.6mm (.81") - The one pictured with an "J"

    The pieces are small. Due to sizes, only one character and be stamped per piece. They are made of aluminum, which is a non tarnishing and lightweight metal. 

    These necklaces can be purchased as one necklace, or a set of two. PLEASE NOTE: If you order 1 necklace, you may get either puzzle shape pictured (2 options) due to stock. 

    Please leave your one letter initial per necklace.