Copper Wrap Ring


These rings are called “wrap rings”. The end wraps around to the other end, so when looking at it, you see both ends. These are way more unique than just a traditional band! They are perfect for accessorizing any outfit.

The ring is made of Copper. The copper is flame painted, which leaves a rainbow like effect. When you mix heat and copper, the true colors are exposed. It may not be as visible in inside lighting, but in direct sunlight, your colors will shine!

This listing is for the Ohana ring. You can personalize your won as well!

You can choose any name, first or last, initials, and any number of birthstones. Ideas for customizing:

Last name and every child’s birthstone

First initials of each child (ex: 3 kids- MMJ) and there birthstones

One name and one birthstone for the moms and grandmas with one to love!

When choosing what you want stamped, remember the longer than name, or more characters, the more it wraps around. So names and initials greater than 5 characters will start to wrap around to the back. This isn’t a terrible thing; they just aren’t seen from a top view. Suggested characters for this ring is up to 8 (remember only the first 4-5 will be visible looking at the ring straight-on on your finger) with 1 birthstone. If you want to make sure something will fit, please feel free to send me a message.