• Keep My Soldier Safe Set


    This set is perfect for couple dealing with deployment. The two necklaces are made from aluminum, a lightweight and non tarnishing metal. This necklace has a small wish, for your soldier to return home safe!

    One necklace is a dog tag. The dog tag measures 1 ¼”. It is hand-stamped with the saying “Keep My Soldier Safe”. The dog tag is attached to a silver plated ball chain. The total length of the chain is 20” long, so it falls about chest area on a male. This necklace style is more masculine which makes it more ideal for a male. There is a little room for customizing, but if you would like to add something PLEASE message me first so I can confirm.

    The other necklace in the set is more ideal for a female. The circle charm measures 1” big. It is also stamped with the same saying “Keep My Soldier Safe”. The chain for this piece is also silver plated. However, the total length is 18” long, which falls about collar bone area. Due to the size of this charm, there is no room for customizing on this piece, unless you want to change what it says. If so, please message me to confirm customization.