• I used to be his/her angel - memorial necklace


    I used to be his/her angel, now he/she is mine. This memorial necklace is a perfect gift for anyone suffering a loss.

    This necklace has four pieces. The first piece is a beautiful rhodium plated Swarovski crystal, colored to match the birthstone. The next piece is a small metal angel wing charm, measuring about an inch long. The wing represent the wings of your angel. Another piece included is a aluminum heart. The heart is about 5/8" in length. Lastly is a aluminum circle, measuring 1" total, stamped with "I used to be his/her angel, now he/she is mine".

    The aluminum heart can be customized however you'd like it to be. They can be the standard mom or dad, but they can also be your angel's initials, a small nickname (limited to 5 characters due to size), etc. The choice is yours.