• I Love You With All My Butt.. Keychain


    I usually write something about why you need this key chain... why it makes the perfect gift and for who, etc. But this one? This one has me stuck! It is really just good for anyone.. Mom, Best Friend, Spouse, Grandma (HAHA), anyone you love LOTS. If you're butt is bigger than your heart, you are in the right place. ;)


    > Made from aluminum, making it lightweight and non tarnishing. You can get this key chain wet with no problem. It can also be easily cleaned with a polishing pad, or any soft cloth. 

    > Rectangle charm measures 2.25" by .75", and the key ring measures 1"

    > "I love you with all my butt. I would say heart but my butt is bigger." 

    This key chain is hand stamped. That means spacing and depth of impressions may vary slightly. Stamping can not be done on the backside. Any additional customizations must be placed on another charm. If you would like to add another charm, please contact us. Additional charges may apply.