• Happy Camper Cuff


    This handstamped cuff is made from aluminum. Aluminum is a non tarnishing and lightweight metal. Cuffs are so comfortable, you’ll forget your even wearing it. Your cuff is about half an inch wide, making it a dainty piece you can wear daily! It's adjustable to fit any wrist, so if you decide to gift it, don't worry about the size! 

    Stamped along the front, it says “Happy [CAMPER]" with a cute vintage trailer stamp. Wear this bracelet when you are in your happy place... your camper! A gentle reminder that life is better when you are happy. Or camping in your trailer, tent, or RV.

    Not in love with this cuff? We can always change what it says (character restrictions may apply). If you’d like to change what the cuff says, please send me a message to have your new design approved.