• {Gold Circle} Bride and Groom Wine Charm Set


    Need a cute wedding charm for the bride and groom? Cute, small details are never over looked, and they sure won’t be with these custom wine charms! If gold is featured in your wedding (or the bride and groom you’re shopping for), consider these dainty wine charms! Perfect as a wedding gift, place holders, keepsakes for the future, or just simply another decoration for the perfect wedding, these will always be cherished!

    The wine charms are gold plated and measure 29mm x 25mm. The charms hanging from the hoop are solid brass circles. The charms are .625”. Stamped along the edges are “bride” and “groom”. They are simple but perfect! Due to the charms being hand-stamped, impressions, depth, spacing, etc WILL vary, this is not to be seen as imperfections, but as unique characteristics. Peyton and Forge however, does pride themselves on being as close to perfect as possible, but may still vary between charms.

    Alongside the “bride” and “groom” charms are genuine Swarovski crystals in Diamondique. The bezel surrounding the crystals is also gold plated, to match the wine charms. This is typically the stone for April, but is used in several of Peyton and Forge’s wine charms for an elegant look. These crystals can be omitted, if you would only like the bride and groom charms. To omit, please select “no stones” in the drop down menu labeled “Finish”. 

    The Swarovski crystals can also be changed to the Mr.  & Mrs. birthstone, the stone for the month of the wedding, or a color to match your color scheme. You can see all the stones in the last picture of the listing. To change the stones from the diamondique, please click on “Request a custom order” to begin. We want to help you in your decision, and also make sure we have what you need in stock or give a new processing time to get what is needed.

    PLEASE DO NOT CHECKOUT WITH THE DIAMOND STONES AND REQUEST DIFFERENT COLORS. Limited stock is available and we want to make sure the new processing times are acceptable for when they are needed by.