• Family Birthstone Ring

    leave IN ORDER the people you want (adult male, adult female, boy or girl; see last picture) with their included birth month.

    When you think personalized rings, you probably think more of something with a name or date, right? Well Peyton and Forge is happy to share this different version of a personalized ring! This is perfect for a mom, or grandmother and they will cherish this unique ring! Put your family on this ring for a mom or wife, or put Grandma’s grandchildren!

    So you may be wondering.. Why is this ring so different and special? Well browsing the internet, you don’t really find another one like this. It’s different, it’s new, it’s unique, and it’s personal. It’s perfect for gift giving.

    The ring band measures 3/8th of an inch wide, is adjustable and the whole thing is made of aluminum. Aluminum is a lightweight and non tarnishing metal, so in the right conditions, this ring will last! And don’t worry, each order comes with a care card with instructions on how to keep your jewelry alive! Also, it comes with a polishing pad that will help keep your pieces shiny and new! To adjust this ring, you came pull ends apart, or push them together. This gives a little wiggle room if you aren’t sure of the size you need, even more ideal for gift giving. However, you can choose a size from the drop down menu and I will fit it to that size. Just remember you can make it about 1 to 2 sizes smaller or bigger! A small ring fits a size 4-5.5, a medium ring fits 6-8, and a large ring fits 8.5-10. 

    Now on to what really makes this ring special! This ring features your family, or friends, as stick figures! This is a great alternative if you have a larger size family, because you couldn’t fit a ton (actually probably more than two) of names on a ring! This ring lets you show everyone on one! The figures come in four people; an adult male, adult female, boy, and a girl. You can see what everyone looks like in the last picture of this listing. There are no other variations on hand for the figures, so what is pictured is what they would look like, unless you want me to try to find different ones (variations of this design would have an additional charge). 

    The uniqueness isn’t over yet! This ring also features birthstones, also known as flat back Swarovski crystals, which correspond with your stick figure people! They are attached to the band with a special cement glue, that is always checked and dry before shipment so crystals stay on as long as possible and not lost in shipping! They measure 2.6mm in diameter, so they are small- about half the size of the stick figure people. The crystals are attached to the right of the corresponding stick figure. They add yet another special factor to this ring. 


    Due to sizes of stick figures and birthstones, this ring only holds a MAX of 5 people and their birthstone. When ordering follow these steps:

    From the drop down menu labeled “People & Stones”, choose how many people and stones you need on your new ring, and add to cart.

    Then find the PERSONALIZATION box. In this box, leave IN ORDER the people you want (adult male, adult female, boy or girl; see last picture) with their included birth month. Ex: adult male March, adult female June, boy January, boy April, girl December.