• Daddy's Best Mates {Keychain}

    Please leave the names for the charms here:

    "Arrrrr" you looking for a unique keychain for Dad? "Daddy's Best Mates" is the way to go!

    D E T A I L S

    > Aluminum charms which makes the keychain non tarnishing and lightweight

    > 2.25" x .75" aluminum rectangle stamped with "Daddy's Best Mates" and a pirate ship. If you only need 1 name, it will be       changed to "Best Mate"

    > .625"  aluminum circles, customized with names and a design.

    > Designs for the name charms can be chosen between a sailors hat or a skull and crossbones

        > You can choose all one design or a mix. If choosing a mix, designs will be random unless specified.