• Customize Your Own Stud Earrings

    $11.99 $7.99
    Please select your design from the second picture

    This listing is for you to create your very own pair of earrings! Our earrings can make thoughtful and memorable gifts for someone special, that they will always cherish!

    Every pair of Peyton and Forge stud earrings, are made with care! These design part of the earrings are made with .43” x .43” aluminum squares. Aluminum is a lightweight metal, which is important for stud earrings! It is also a non tarnishing or color changing metal so you’re new earrings are sure to last.

    We offer a bunch of different designs to choose from. You can see all the designs in the 2nd listing picture. Each earring can only hold ONE design, or 3 letters. 

    Each design is hand-stamped, which means depth, and spacing of impressions may vary per earring, per pair. This is to be seen as unique, and not as flaws. These are handmade!

    For the post, you can pick between a Nickel Free posts OR for more sensitive ears, you can choose a Sterling Silver posts. Regardless of the post you choose, the front will be an aluminum piece. This can’t be changed. 

    These posts will not come off easily because the post on glued on with a clear, industrial strength adhesive that creates a strong, permanent bond. Each pair is tested before shipped to make sure the bond is strong and that the back will not come off when you receive them.