• Cat Mom Ring


    This ring is hand stamped with “MOM” with a cat face in place of the “o”. Puuurrrrfect as a gift for any fellow cat lover, this ring is sure to make them smile.

    The band is 3/8" wide, and made of aluminum, a non-tarnishing metal. Select a size from the drop down menu. These rings are completely adjustable.

    A small ring can be adjusted from sizes 4- 5.5. A medium ring can be adjusted from size 6-8. A large can be adjusted from sizes 8.5-10. By selecting a size, I will adjust it to that size, but know it can be adjusted after if it's to small or to big. Still not sure about the size? Message me! Also, XL rings (size 10.5-12) are available upon request for additional processing times and price. When you select a size, the ring can be made to fit any size in the range above, by simply pulling open or pushing closed. 

    Want to change the design? We can always change what is on it (character restrictions may apply). If you’d like to change what the ring says, please send me a message to have your new design approved.

    This ring is a piece of the Apollo Collection by Peyton and Forge.