• Can't Adult Today Necklace


    I know you get this feeling. You just can’t do it. You don’t want to do it. You simply can’t adult today. If this is ever the case, everyone needs to know that’s not you today...or every day. Well whatever the case may be, you have to tell them. You need to be wearing this necklace to give a heads up the proper way. 

    This necklace pendant is made out of aluminum. Aluminum is a non tarnishing and lightweight metal. The pendant actually says “Can’t Adult Today”. The total pendant size is 1” and also attached to a 18 inch silver plated chain, hanging perfectly in view for everyone to read, because again, they need to know girl.

    If you aren’t happy with this design, you can change what the necklace says. Just send me a message and let’s start creating something just for you.